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School Supply

Welcome to my career planning services tailored for students aged 14 and above! I offer two comprehensive plans designed to empower you on your journey towards a fulfilling career path. My annual plan, priced at CAN$560, includes quarterly one-hour reviews with me, weekly 15-minute calls for ongoing support, and unlimited availability via email (Monday-Saturday) throughout the year. For those seeking a longer-term commitment, my two-year plan at CAN$1,000 provides five one-hour coach reviews per year, alongside the same access to email support and weekly calls.

At the heart of my coaching approach are five key stages that guide our collaborative journey:

1. Definition of Your Desired Future: Together, we'll envision the future you aspire to achieve, setting the foundation for our work ahead.

2. Self-Discovery: Through thorough self-assessment of your interests and abilities, we'll uncover your unique strengths and passions.

3. Exploration: We'll explore a wide range of career possibilities, helping you identify opportunities aligned with your aspirations.

4. Career Direction: With clarity gained from our exploration, we'll collaboratively choose a career direction that resonates with you.

5. Planning and Execution: Finally, we'll craft a detailed plan of action and execute it, regularly reviewing your progress to ensure you stay on track towards your goals.


My goal is to provide you with the guidance, support, and tools you need to confidently navigate the journey from envisioning your future to making it a reality. Reach out today to take the first step towards unlocking your full potential!

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