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For the ambitious student


Dive into the thrilling world of mathematics and computing with the University of Waterloo's annual contests. From the prestigious Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests to the engaging Beaver Computing Challenge, students can showcase their problem-solving skills and logical reasoning abilities while competing against peers globally. With a rich history of fostering mathematical excellence, these contests offer educational and rewarding experiences for participants, enriching classroom learning and motivating students to excel in STEM fields. Join us and unlock the boundless possibilities of the mind!

Calling all high school and university students! Get ready for the 2024 John Locke Essay Competition, where you can explore the timeless principles of liberty and equality through thought-provoking essays inspired by the renowned philosopher John Locke. This prestigious competition provides a platform for you to showcase your critical thinking skills and articulate your unique perspectives on pressing societal issues. Whether you're a seasoned scholar or a budding philosopher, this is your chance to make your mark and vie for recognition among peers. Stay tuned for submission guidelines and deadlines, and join us in this exciting intellectual endeavor!

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